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Invisible Treatment. Clear results.

Invisalign treatmentInvisalign uses a series of invisible, removable, and comfortable aligners that are custom made to gradually shift your teeth into their optimal position. They’re made using 3D computer imaging technology that has been proven effective at straightening teeth. In fact, more than 70% of orthodontists in the US and Canada are certified to treat with Invisalign. But the best part has to be that no one will know you’re wearing them unless they get so close to you, they can see your pores.

Benefits of Invisalign

  • Invisalign clear aligners are comfortable, removable and easier to clean
  • Brush and floss like you normally do
  • No food restrictions
  • No metal wires and fewer in-office appointments for adjustments
  • See how your new smile will look before you even start treatment

How It Works

  • Patients wear each set of clear aligners for about 2 weeks, removing them only to eat, drink, brush and floss
  • Every two weeks you will replace your aligners with your next set to gradually move your teeth
  • You’ll go for in-office check-ins with our team every 6 weeks to ensure that your teeth are moving the right way
  • Treatment time typically lasts 9-to-15 months
  • You will wear between 18 – 30 aligners depending on your specific smile goals and treatment plan

Invisalign Payment Options

  • Courtesy discount applied for treatment paid in full by cash or check
  • Payment arrangements to coincide with your Flex Plan needs
  • Most major credit cards accepted


If your dental plan covers orthodontic treatment, you may also qualify for Invisalign. Reach out to your insurance provider to determine the extent of coverage for your treatment.

Invisalign Teen

Being a teen is painful enough. Getting a great smile shouldn’t be.

Invisalign teenThe big game is Friday night, homecoming is in a month, and what about yearbook pictures?! Don’t stress. Seriously. With Invisalign Teen you won’t need to turn down any dates, wear a paper bag over your head, or hide out in your room for two years because these aligners are virtually invisible. Invisalign Teen is perfect for growing smiles. They’re clear, removable, super comfortable, custom made to fit your smile, and they have indicators on them that allow parents and your orthodontist to see if you’ve been wearing them the right way for the right amount of time. The key to Invisalign working is to make sure that you wear them for at least 20 to 22 hours a day. If you wear them less than that you risk your treatment taking longer, or not being as effective.

Benefits of Invisalign Teen

  • Invisalign clear aligners are comfortable, removable and easier to clean
  • Brush and floss like you normally do
  • No food restrictions – eat pizza, popcorn, and gummy bears without a problem
  • No metal wires and fewer in-office appointments for adjustments
  • See how your new smile will look before you even start treatment
  • Indicators on the aligners help tell your parents and your orthodontist if you’re wearing them correctly
  • Play wind instruments and sports without worrying that your braces will get in the way

Invisalign First

The first step to a picture-perfect smile.

Ready for some great news? We can now fix many orthodontic issues while your child’s bones are still developing and their permanent teeth are still erupting. This type of treatment is typically part of a 2-Phase treatment that involves either braces or Invisalign for the first phase, a resting period of a few months, and then Invisalign or braces for the second, and final phase of treatment. With Invisalign First, our orthodontists are able to correct some of the issues before they become bigger problems later. This type of treatment can also significantly reduce the need for tooth extraction as well.

Benefits of Invisalign First

  • Fix issues before they become more severe
  • Guide teeth into their optimal position
  • Uses the rapid skeletal bone growth during your child’s development to aid in transforming your child’s smile
  • Can reduce the need for tooth extraction

Early Treatment

The early bird gets the greatest grin.

Early orthodontic treatmentThe American Association of Orthodontists recommends that the children see an orthodontist by the time they are 7 years old. By 7 years old, many children experience a ton of skeletal bone growth which makes it the perfect time for an orthodontist to address any problems before they become even bigger issues when the child is older. When you schedule a consultation early, we’re able to monitor your child’s smile and intervene when necessary.

Benefits of Early Intervention

  • Creating room for crowded, erupting teeth
  • Creating facial symmetry through influencing jaw growth
  • Reducing the risk of trauma to protruding front teeth
  • Preserving space for unerupted teeth
  • Reducing the need for tooth removal and treatment time with braces
  • Corrects thumb sucking
  • Helps to close the gap between teeth
  • Helps with mouth breathing and popping jaws

Metal Braces

Smaller. Lighter. Faster.

At Springfield Orthodontics in Delaware County, our traditional metal braces are unlike the bulky, awkward metal you’ve seen on TV. They are lower profile, smaller and more comfortable, making them lightyears ahead of what your mom had to wear as a teen. Not only that, but you can also personalize your brackets with an array of colored rubber bands. The coolest part: they can be changed at each appointment, too.

Benefits of Metal Braces

  • Smaller and more comfortable than braces of the past
  • Typically less expensive than clear braces or clear aligners
  • Change rubber band colors at every appointment
  • No need to keep track of aligners or how long you wear them

Clear Braces

Let them see your smile.

Clear bracesClear or ceramic braces are less visible on your teeth than metal braces. For this reason, ceramic braces are used mainly on older teenagers and adult patients who have cosmetic concerns. While they are visually less prominent, they do require more attention to oral hygiene as ceramic braces are larger and more brittle than their metal counterparts. For these reasons, ceramic braces tend to be used on upper front teeth more than lower teeth.

Benefits of Clear Braces

  • More comfortable than braces of the past
  • Clear so that the only thing people will notice is your smile
  • No need to keep track of aligners or how long you wear them
  • Great for older teens and adults

Surgical Orthodontics

Some smiles need a little more TLC.

Surgical orthodontics, also known as orthognathic surgery, is a type of orthodontic treatment used to correct severe cases that include bad bites, jaw bone abnormalities, and malocclusion. Oral and maxillofacial surgery is one of the nine recognized dental specialties, and it focuses on treating complex craniofacial cases that involve the mouth, jaw, face, and skull. If you need surgical orthodontics, our office will work with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon to ensure that you receive the best care possible.

Benefits of Surgical Orthodontics

  • Corrects more severe orthodontic issues
  • Helps with headaches, teeth grinding, jaw clenching
  • Helps with jaw pain like TMJ
  • Helps you chew your food better, aiding in digestion
  • Improves your facial aesthetics

Palatal Expander

Widen your smile. Heighten your self-esteem.

A palatal expander widens your upper jaw by putting a tiny bit of gentle pressure on your upper molars each time an adjustment is made. Dr. Thomas, or one of our other orthodontists, will instruct you about when and how to adjust your expander. When the desired expansion is achieved, you’ll wear the appliance for several more months to make sure that your new bite is all set and won’t regress back to its original position.

Benefits of a Palatal Expander

  • Widens your upper jaw so that you can have a wider smile


Bringing your smile together faster.

The Forsus Fatigue Resistant Device promotes growth in adolescents, helping to eliminate excessive overbites, improve the fit of teeth, and possibly prevent the need for jaw surgery.

Benefits of Forsus™

  • Helps fix extreme overbites
  • Helps your teeth fit better together
  • Can help prevent the need for jaw surgery in the future
  • Can be installed in one appointment
  • No daily adjustments needed
  • A lower profile means that it will not bow into your cheek like other Class II correction appliances
  • Allows for a full range of motion so you can talk and eat like normal
  • Its open coil spring design makes it easy to brush and clean your appliance
  • Works incredible with existing braces, wires, or other treatments

Results that will seriously make you smile.

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Let’s do this! Your smile’s waited long enough.

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