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If our doctors cared about your smile any more, they’d get it inked on their arm.

Dr. Ian Thomas

Dr. Ian Thomas grew up in a land far, far away – a magical land of queens, castles and a delicious food called fish n’ chips. Yet, in 2000 while Dr. Thomas was traveling, he met someone who changed his life so drastically he gladly traded in the warm beer and the rain for his new best friend for life, Ranita. Now, several moons and four children later, Dr. Thomas couldn’t imagine being anywhere else than right here in the United States.

When he’s not obsessing over teeth, you’ll find him working out, following his favorite soccer team from England (Liverpool), coaching sports or making memories with family and friends. For Dr. Thomas, this is more than a 9 to 5 job – this is his passion. Every day he gets to help people find their smiles. “The best part of my day is seeing a patient’s self-esteem skyrocket once they finally see the results. That moment is everything,” Dr. Thomas said.

Dr. Thomas graduated from Temple University School of Dentistry. While there, he won numerous awards for his skill, talent, and dedication to patient care – including the prestigious Roy Ullnick Humanitarian Award. After dental school, Dr. Thomas received his orthodontic training at Montefiore Hospital in New York where he was a part of their esteemed craniofacial team. So, when it comes to creating a healthier smile that also fits with your facial aesthetics, Dr. Thomas is your guy.

He has worked tirelessly to build the kind of practice that his staff love to work at and his patients love to come to. For a number of years, he has been looking to find a colleague that possesses the skills and talents to elevate the practice even further. Look no further than Dr. Gray.

Meet Dr. Holly Gray

Meet Dr. Holly Gray

Dr. Gray is a Philadelphia native who has settled in Center City with her husband, pup, and newborn. While she earned her Bachelor’s Degree at Wake Forest in North Carolina, not much could keep her away from her hometown. She returned to Philadelphia to complete her Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree at the Kornberg School of Dentistry at Temple University. After completing her DMD with honors, she continued at Temple for her orthodontic residency and earned her certificate in the specialty of orthodontics and a Master’s Degree in Oral Biology. She is an active member of the Middle Atlantic Society of Orthodontists and the American Association of Orthodontists, and is board certified with the American Board of Orthodontics.

Outside of her professional achievements, she enjoys hiking, traveling, spending time with her family, watching every superhero movie, and doing home renovations with her husband. Dr. Gray strives to make every patient feel welcome and most importantly, comfortable and confident in their smiles.

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You may lose the remote, but we’ll
make sure you never lose your smile.

We didn’t hire just anyone. We sought only paragons of awesomeness. People at the top of their class and at the top of their game. But not only that, we looked for people that have a passion for not only making people smile, but making people feel good about themselves. So, if you ask our patients what makes Springfield Orthodontics in Delaware County so great the answer is simple – it’s these peeps.

  • Team Member

    Lauren Degnan

    Front Desk Receptionist

    Time in ortho – 1 year

    Favorite part – the relationships with the patients

    Most memorable travel – Lima, Peru for a service trip and San Antonio, TX

    Secretly wants to be professional organizer

    Bucket list – making it to all major tennis grand slams for a top 10 player

    Favorite movie – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

    Naturally good at Sudoku

    Fur kids – yorkie named Darby – best dog ever!

    Epic moment – receiving senior female athlete of the year award 2017 @ Immaculata University sports banquet

    Favorite outdoor activity – walks in Ridley Creek State Park

    Food I can’t live without – pizza and kit kats

    Proud parent of my future kids

    Passion – family, walks, DIY projects

    What’s on my playlist – lots of Taylor Swift songs

    Words to live by – The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return – Moulin Rouge

    Binge worthy tv show – Portlandia

  • Team Member

    Kristi Patten

    Ortho Assistant/Lab Tech

    Time worked in ortho – 10 years

    Favorite part of job – making my cappuccino before starting my work

    Most memorable travel – Germany vacation with my husband and kids

    Secretly wants to be a race car driver

    Bucket list – For my husband and I to be “real” empty nesters

    Favorite movie – Toy Story movies

    Naturally Good at organizing and problem solving

    Fur kids – my dog, Prudence, and grandpups Lincoln and General

    Epic moment – jumping out of a perfectly good airplane more than once

    Favorite outdoor activity – hiking and beaching

    Food I can’t live without – coffee

    Proud parent of 2 kids (adults) Chelsey and Zachary

    Passion – resistance training as long as my body will allow it

    Playlist – Almost everything

    Words to live by – Everything happens for a reason

    Binge-worthy tv – Ask my co-workers

  • Team Member

    Mary D’anjolell

    Billing Coordinator

    Time worked – 21 years

    Favorite part – seeing a beautiful smile at the end

    Most memorable travel – travelling to Hawai’i and doing a hula dance

    Bucket list – travel to Italy

    Favorite movie – Saturday Night Fever

    Naturally good at – searching the internet for best deals

    Fur kids – none

    Epic moment – the day I married the love of my life

    Favorite outdoor activity – sitting on beach, listening to music

    Food I can’t live without – my starbucks coffe on weekends

    Proud parent – Extremely proud of 3 kids and 4 beautiful grandchildren

    Playlist – any songs to a dance beat

    Words to live by – Be kind to one another

    Binge worthy tv show – none

  • Team Member

    Grace Yacura

    Orthodontic Assistant

    Time in ortho – A few months, started in June here, and worked 1 summer during college in VA prior, and spent the summer before shadowing.

    Favorite part of the job – I love being able to give people confidence in their smiles! For me, braces not only changed the way I smiled in photos, but my overall confidence. I wanted to be able to help others feel the same.

    Most memorable travel adventure – getting mistaken as being a part of Gordon Ramsey’s dinner party at the Beverly Hills hotel

    Secretly wants to be – a coffee sommelier

    Bucket list activity – attend the Olympics

    Favorite movie – Marvel’s the Avengers

    Naturally good at – finding good restaurants through extensive research on yelp

    Fur kids – a golden doodle named Oliver but he lives with my parents 🙁

    Epic moment – winning my college field hockey team’s conference championship and going to the NCAA tournament

    Favorite outdoor activity – running

    Food I can’t live without – tacos!!

    Proud parent of – I have no kids, but I like my air fryer a lot.

    Passion – My ultimate goal is to become a dentist! I am hoping to matriculate in fall 2022.

    What’s on my playlist – show tunes! – whatever musical I have most recently watched will be on repeat until I see the next one.

    Words to live by – Treat others how you want to be treated

    Binge-worthy TV show – Crime Scene Kitchen

  • Team Member

    Sean Mellon

    Orthodontic Assistant

    Time in ortho – 6 years

    Favorite part – Seeing everyone’s smile at the end of treatment

    Most memorable travel – Clearwater Beach, FL

    Secretly wants to be a Sports Analyst

    Bucket list – Visiting Italy

    Favorite movie – Superbad

    Naturally good at Cooking

    No fur kids

    Epic moment – Meeting my son, Jax

    Fav outdoor activity Golf

    Food I can’t live without – Cheeseburger

    Proud parent of my son, Jax

    Passion – Sports

    Playlist – Drake. Blink 182

    Words to live by – Treat others how you want to be treated

    Binge worthy tv – Game of Thrones

  • Team Member

    Susan Ranck

    New Patient Coordinator

    Time in Ortho – 17 years

    Favorite part of job – Getting to hear people’s fascinating life stories

    Most memorable travel adventure – sail boat/bike tour of the Amalfi Coast with my husband

    Secretly wants to be more motivated

    Bucket list activity – travelling for extensive periods to different countries

    Favorite movie – Don’t think I have a fav

    Naturally good at – asking questions

    Fur kids – 3 dogs: Cooper, Lucy and Brodie

    Epic moment – when I woke from surgery and the surgeon told me they successfully transplanted my kidney to my dad

    Favorite outdoor activity – anything outside is my favorite but enjoy running, walking, bike riding

    Food I can’t live without – pasta

    Proud parent of 3 adult “kids” – Emily, Allie and Colin

    Passion – hmmm….. I’ll have to work on that

    Playlist – there is not too much music I don’t like. Anything from Sam Cooke to the Killers.

    Words to live by – It is enough.

    Binge worthy tv show – life is too short to binge watch

  • Team Member

    Jill Cavalcante

    Orthodontic Assistant

    Time in ortho – 10 years

    Fav part – Making connections with our patients

    Most memorable travel – Punta Cana, Cancun and Siesta Key. I’m happiest anywhere with a beach really

    Secretly wants to be rich

    Bucket list to travel more and learn how to surf

    Favorite movie types are thrillers and horror movies

    I’m naturally good at Dr. T’s accent

    Fur kid is Bella, aka Bellys

    Favorite outdoor activity is going to the local trail with my husband and Bella

    Food I can’t live without would be a toss up between pizza and tacos

    Proud parent of baby Aiden

    Passion for cooking, clothes shopping, yoga/body pump classes and spending time with friends and family

    My playlist has a little bit of everything

    Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about

    Binge worthy tv show – anything murder mystery related

  • Team Member

    Katie Shlegel

    Dental Assistant

    2 years in ortho

    Favorite part is learning new things and improving on those skills, interacting with the patients, the doctors and my coworkers

    Too many travel adventures to choose from. The trips to Hawai’i to visit my dad when he was stationed there or when I went to Spain are high up on the list

    Secretly want to be an astrophysicist, an aerospace engineer or an astrophotographer

    Seeing the Northern lights in Norway is on my bucket list

    Labyrinth or Dune are my favorite movies

    Naturally good at quickly picking up new skills

    Fur kids my favorite lil buddy, Mags Mags the cat

    Epic moment – getting a hug from my favorite actress

    Favorite outdoor activity – camping or swimming

    Food I can’t live without – spaghetti or soup

    Proud parent of Mags Mags the cat hahaha

    Passion – sewing, costume and prop creation, cosplay

    Playlist – a-ha, Duran Duran, David Bowie

    Words to live by – fear is the mind killer

    Binge worthy tv – I’m so bad at watching tv but I love the new Marvel shows, Wandavision, Loki, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, etc

  • Team Member

    Julia Thornton


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  • Team Member

    Sue Guerri

    Financial Coordinator

    Time in ortho – 27 years

    Favorite part – Being with my co-workers

    Most memorable travel adventure – when my daughter got married in Mexico

    Secretly wants to be retired

    Bucket list – travel more

    Favorite movie – Elf

    Naturally good at – making people laugh

    Fur kids – grandgirl Gracie

    Epic moment – ringing the bell at the end of radiation treatment

    Favorite outdoor activity – sitting on the beach with a good book and drink

    Food I can’t live without – cereal

    Proud parent of 2 kids – Jackie, 33 and Matt, 30

    Passion – my grandkids and family

    What’s on my playlist – whatever my husband is playing

    Words to live by – live in the moment

    Binge worthy tv show – Law and Order SVU and anything on HGTV

Springfield Orthodontics
Springfield Orthodontics
Springfield Orthodontics
Springfield Orthodontics
Springfield Orthodontics

We can’t wait to show you around.

Our office was designed to make our patients feel comfortable, happy, pampered and – most importantly – safe. That’s why we’ve put in place several procedures in order to keep our patients and our staff happy, healthy, and smiling. Below are a few pictures of our office. Click through them to get a glimpse of what our office is like. Then, schedule a tour and we’ll show you where smiles are made.

The most powerful thing in the world is self-confidence. Get more of it here.

When we set out to create a state-of-the-art orthodontic practice in Delaware County, we knew we wanted to be conveniently located in Springfield. The people are not just super nice and friendly, but they have welcomed Dr. Thomas and his family with open arms.

Our office prides itself on being welcoming, friendly, fun, and at times, silly. First and foremost, we go out of our way to make every patient feel safe coming into our office. That’s why we have instituted special guidelines in order to keep our staff and patients safe and healthy while they’re here.

Springfield Orthodontics - Patients
Springfield Orthodontics
Springfield Orthodontics
Springfield Orthodontics

This community has given us so much. So we’re paying it forward.

This community has given us so much. So we’re paying it forward.

For us, this isn’t just where we work, it’s our home. And, to us, our patients aren’t patients – they’re our friends – our extended family. That’s why we believe it’s so important for us to give back to those that have given us so much. Below are just a few of the organizations we support that help us spread smiles to people not only in our community, but also all over the United States.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Curing childhood cancer, one cup at a time.

Their mission is to raise money and awareness of childhood cancer causes, researching new treatments, and encouraging others –  especially children – to get involved and make a difference for kids with cancer.

[Learn More]
Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation
Springfield Orthodontics
Springfield Orthodontics

March of Dimes Fighting for the health of every mother & baby.

For almost 100 years, the March of Dimes has helped millions of babies not only survive but be able to grow up. We’re proud to help this national organization level the playing field for all moms and babies, no matter their age, socio-economic background or demographics.

[Learn More]

Boys and Girls Club of Chester Bringing orthodontic care to many children.

Springfield Orthodontics worked in conjunction with The Boys and Girls Club of Chester and a local organization “Release the Brakes” (founded by a patient of Springfield Orthodontics) to help bring orthodontic care to many children who otherwise would not have been able to receive it.

[Learn More]
Boys and Girls Club of Chester

GiveWell Producing the world's top research on where to give

GiveWell’s goal is to produce the world’s top research on where to give. Free, for everyone, GiveWell recommends a small number of charities that do an incredible amount of good. You choose the top charity (or charities) you prefer, or have GiveWell direct your donation where it will help the most.

[Learn More]
Springfield Orthodontics
Springfield Orthodontics

If you, your school, or your organization has a cause that you’d like us to consider supporting, click here to tell us about your organization and its mission.

Let’s do this! Your smile’s waited long enough.

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